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\ Beginning in Knowing

          Ibu, Dan Yang Seerti Dengannya, is a video montage that extracted footage from mainstream Malaysia film drama to reflect on archetypal familial roles as these are portrayed within popular culture. The work is installed across a support of a flat wide tv screen. Selfhood seems to be of key importance as a point of reference for self-understanding and familial control to address topics like motherly guilt and sacrifice, as well as a sense of abandonment and emptiness.


The conversation between each mother are rampant with repetition and digitally evoked psychological tics. Within the fictional spaces, the archetypes flicker across the screen rhythmically, appearing and disappearing at unpredictable intervals. They are as unstable as images within these constructed constellations. Within each polylogues, there is a staging of anxiety and insecurity, simultaneously projected outward and reflected inward in an inescapable cycle.

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