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a. family, narratives & memory

a. family, narratives & memory

\ This is & this isn't My Family

\ Ibu, Dan Yang Seerti Dengannya

b. other works

\ Beginning in Knowing

\ Oduespace collective

\ From My Bedroom To Yours

\ This Too Shall Pass

\ Let the Quran Speak

\ Clean up one's act

\ Longing

\ Rejection

\ Block 56

c. about

The work  is an attempt to express my voice as an agent. The voices in the work takes on two forms: 'Noise' and 'silent', placed in the mouth of a mother and a daughter whose relationship reveals some kind of problem. Each voicing its own complaints, be it the voice or with the possibility of making sense. The voice of the daughter has been lost, dislocated from speech and body. The agonised nothing which comes out of the daughter's mouth is replaced with words of others in a way that seems to only reinstate meaninglessness. These words are all that remain for her to look at after nothing has come out of her mouth and her articulation has been silenced.

This idea of being denied the rights to speak out becomes a sort of punishment of the self. This symptom includes the loss control over one's own voice, enforcing silence. Moreover, the notion of listening can also be in a sense a kind of violence in being subjected into having to listen to another. This brings the question of where is the self in that moment of being absorbed on somebody's voice. Hence, all we can see is the voice of the mother. 

This fantasy portrays the mother as a dominant figure, the voice that commands and binds. This voice is normally characterised as the voice of the father or 'superego' as theorised by Sigmund Freud. We could consider the voice of the daughter lost in two ways, by distance and being dumbstruck through her emotions in response to the Other, once again the mother.

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